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JUNE 2018

Here is a roundup of the articles, news & updates that we've published on the PERF blog site during the past month. Click on the "Read More" link at the bottom of each excerpt to read the full article.

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O2verlap Study Is Enrolling Participants

To improve CPAP compliance and reduce hospitalizations for people who have both COPD and obstructive sleep apnea (called Overlap Syndrome), the COPD Foundation and American Sleep Apnea Association (ASAA) have joined forces to study whether an interactive online classroom will help people who have Overlap Syndrome use their CPAP masks as they should. If you fall within this group, you’re invited to participate in a research project to see if this online classroom program is effective.

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Know the Signs of Peripheral Arterial Disease

by Kathy Sietsema, MD

Peripheral Arterial Disease (PAD) is a disease of smokers with early symptoms that are often missed or ignored by patients and physicians. PAD symptoms creep up slowly over the years. There are approximately 10 million Americans with this diagnosis and probably many more who are not aware that they have this problem. While only 1% to 3% of those younger than 70 are afflicted, it rises to 10% for those over 70 years of age, with over 20% found if specific testing is done. 25% of those over 75 have PAD, though many are not diagnosed. This is a common disease that can be very serious since it is also a systemic disease. That is, it may be an indicator of future chest pain, heart attack, stroke, hypertension or even erectile dysfunction. What should alert you to seek medical advice?

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Medication Mistakes: Take Extra Care With Your Prescriptions

Medication mistakes can cause illness, injuries, and even death. In the U.S. alone, hundreds of thousands of patients experience problems caused by taking the wrong medications, not taking them when needed, or taking more than what was prescribed. Among older patients, these mistakes pose a heightened risk, both because medications act differently on the body as a person ages, and because with age, compliance issues tend to arise.

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e-Cigarettes Are Tied to Continued, Not Less Smoking

The war of words seems to go on and on, but the facts remain the same: e-cigarettes are not a proven tool to stop people from smoking, nor to help them give up the habit.

What are the Statistics on Smoking Cessation, Using e-Cigarettes?

A European study revealed these telling numbers: Smokers of traditional cigarettes who also use e-cigarettes daily are 48% less likely to quit smoking as those who smoke only regular cigarettes. Those who only occasionally used e-cigarettes in addition to their tobacco cigarettes were even less likely to quit smoking – 67% less likely, in fact.

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