The American College of Chest Physicians has inaugurated a new annual program to recognize and honor members of the medical and research community who have performed outstanding work in the field of chest medicine education. Three LA BioMed doctors, all of whom are members of the PERF Board of Directors, were included in the Distinguished CHEST Educator Class of 2017: Ronald Oudiz, M.D., FCCP; Janos Porszasz, M.D., Ph.D.; and William Stringer, M.D., FCCP.  In making the announcement, CHEST stated, “These CHEST members have shown great commitment, involvement, and leadership in CHEST education programs and activities; they are placed well within the top 5% of CHEST’s international faculty and are recognized for their achievements and long-term contributions to the design and delivery of CHEST education.

The original announcement may be viewed at the CHEST website.

Three LA BioMed Doctors Receive Distinguished CHEST Educators Award

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